Hyr kaffemaskin

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  • stair cleaning
  • window cleaning
  • Moisture mop and possible sweeping
  • Drying the rails
  • Removal of stains on walls
  • Cleaning of mirrors, elevators, lists and switches
  • laundry


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Our ambition is that one and the same employee, with the right education, performs the assignments of you, on the same day of the week and at any time. Business meetings and quality monitoring are included.

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Cleaning methods
We clean the cleaning method, which means that we use textile mops that are replaced on each floor or if necessary. The mops are moist, but not wet. They are washed and impregnated before each cleaning, which makes hygiene considerably better and minimizes the use of water and chemicals.

Periodic maintenance
In order to ensure a spotless work where quality and the environment are a leader, our employees get a thorough education focused on real estate cleaning.